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“Everyone here encourages you to realise your aspirations and use your skills in the best way possible.”


From the most seasoned technical professionals through to the most inquisitive of students, it takes people of all levels to do the work we do.

So whether you're just starting your career or have years of building, testing, managing and creating one-offs, there's a place for you. In fact, you don't even need to be a technological expert to play your part. Find out more below.

Software engineering

Whether it’s enterprise-class server systems, custom mobile applications or anything else in between, our software teams can produce it all. The nature of the work means the projects here are different from anything else you’ll find – with highly complex problems to solve and unique solutions to create. Put simply, software is at the heart of everything we do. And we’re lucky enough to be able deliver projects, products and solutions from conception, to manufacture – all under one roof.

It means we can really push the limits, invent the unexpected and create one-off, unique solutions. We’re really passionate about giving everyone the chance to own their work, so you can keep hold of it from start to finish. Our software engineers work in pools, so you’ll focus on a project, rather than a department. And because there’s often a sense of urgency to the projects we work on, you’ll get to see the results of your hard work – almost immediately.



There’s an incredible variety to the projects at HMGCC. Because we create one-offs and low volume runs, there’s always a new challenge to test your skills and keep your mind fresh and our state of the art facility is the perfect place to hone your expertise.


Corporate and support

You don’t have to be a technical specialist to play a vital part in HMGCC’s work. Our project teams can only bring their ideas to fruition with the right structure, resources and support in place. Your expertise in IT, finance, HR, administration, or as part of our vital service operations centre, will be highly valued and genuinely important to our success.


Project and programme management

To deliver unique engineering breakthroughs that underpin our national security, you need a unique kind of project and programme management. Your knowledge and understanding of planning, monitoring and delivery will put you at the heart of the innovation process, playing a critical role at every beat of the product’s lifecycle.


Systems engineering

At HMGCC, our systems engineers are the champions of best practice, raising the standards by closely collaborating with both government and industry. With a considered, conscious and pragmatic approach to engineering, you’ll deliver one-off projects, making sure that they’re greater than the sum of their parts. Ultimately, it’s about getting the best value for our customers by combining your vast expertise with a consistent pursuit of excellence.


Hardware engineering

With a mixture of engineering and academic backgrounds, our hardware teams design and deliver a whole spectrum of technology, ranging from satellite communications to 8-bit and 32-bit systems. Sometimes, we do this by using what’s out there in the market, at other times we make our own custom and innovative hardware solutions. Either way, our electronics and embedded engineers are always looking at how we can push technology to its limits.



Turn your curiosity into reality.

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