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About us - Who we are

National Security Engineering

We are HMGCC, the engineering specialists at the heart of the UK’s national security.

We work with the national security community, UK Government, academia, private sector partners and international allies to bring engineering ingenuity to the national security mission, creating tools and technologies that drive us ahead and help to protect the nation.

We solve uniquely difficult problems in novel and bespoke ways, creating tools, technologies and capabilities that bring the UK hidden advantage. We engineer for the most unpredictable and demanding environments and unlock opportunity for our national security partners by concealing future technological capability in the present.

Founded in 1938, HMGCC started life as a specialist in overseas bespoke wireless communications. While our remit has expanded, our commitment to the mission and our creative spark remain the same. With our independent perspective and free-thinking ethos, we’ve always attracted the best and brightest minds in the fields of engineering, technology and innovation, including the pioneer of modern computer science, Alan Turing.

For over 80 years we've worked hands-on at the coalface of the national security mission, building close relationships with our partners and a deep understanding of the challenges they face. We draw on that depth of experience to create powerful solutions that support them and bring them hidden advantage as they work to protect our country.

Tackling the kind of engineering challenges we face in national security calls for commitment, energy and above all ideas. Lots of ideas. We know the best way to speed up the pace of innovation is to reach out beyond our walls and collaborate with other creative thinkers, technologists, engineers and inventors across the UK tech sector, academia and our international allies.

Contact us

We’re based at Hanslope Park near Milton Keynes, 40 minutes from London by train and in the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc – the UK’s growing research, innovation and technology hub. Our campus brings together creative spaces, labs, workshops and specialist manufacturing facilities to help us conceive, design and deliver the tools and technologies required for our national security.

HMGCC, Hanslope Park, Park Road, Milton Keynes MK19 7BH

0800 138 8221, Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm

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Inclusion & diversity

Our work depends on the creative spark you get when different minds meet. That’s why we’re dedicated to nurturing a truly open and inclusive culture driven by diversity. Our dedicated affinity groups help make sure that, whoever you are, whatever your background, at HMGCC, your insights and ideas will make a difference.

Corporate social responsibility

The kind of work we do has to be kept hidden from the outside world but that doesn’t mean we’re disconnected. At HMGCC, we take our responsibilities and role in society seriously, from volunteering and charity work to sustainable processes and practices.