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Inspiring solutions for national security

What is HMGCC Co-Creation?

HMGCC Co-Creation is a partnership with DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), created to deliver a new, bold and innovative way of working with the wider UK science and technology community. We bring together the best in class across industry, academia and Government, to work collaboratively on National Security Engineering challenges and accelerate innovation. Co-Creation is the front door to the HMGCC technology eco-system.

“Our experience working with HMGCC Co-Creation was characterised by a dynamic and collaborative approach, fostering agile decision-making and enabling impactful research outcomes”

University of Kent

How we work

Our growing network of Community Collaborators connects us to the UK ecosystem of industrial, academic and technology organisations, extending our reach and capability beyond our established, traditional supplier base.

How are we different?

We focus on problem statements rather than locking ourselves to specific requirement sets, which means we can think freely and work in an agile and iterative way. All our projects are run at OFFICIAL level – the lowest security classification – so our engineers and our end-users can work hand-in-hand with anyone who’s able to bring us a brilliant concept. Working together in this way, we can break down barriers, accelerate the rate of innovation and create more real-world impact.

“HMGCC Co-Creation has helped us to engage and collaborate with a wide range of industry and academic experts on our challenge in a way that was previously unavailable to us. The results have been fantastic, and we will definitely be using the team on other challenges moving forward”

National Security Customer

Co-Creation spaces

We are one of 8 Co-Creation Spaces brought together by the National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) – each working on a different technical area of expertise across government. You can find out more about Co-Creation Spaces on the NSTIx website.