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First national security tech challenge launched as HMGCC Co-Creation

Staff safety is at the heart of the first tech challenge being officially launched as HMGCC Co-Creation.
This current challenge focuses around telecoms technology – specifically the ability to carefully read enough information from an electronic SIM card to help keep track of deployed government employees, in the interests of keeping them safe.

HMGCC Co-Creation is an initiative which involves reaching out to academia and wider industry to help find solutions to national security challenges.

With mobile phone technology changing, HMGCC Co-Creation is now keen to engage with technical experts in companies or universities who can collaborate with them on different ways to gather IMSI identifiers from electronic SIM cards, for the purposes of looking after staff welfare when operating overseas.

For full details of the challenge, including the scope, routes to apply, eligibility criteria and timescales, please see the full challenge documentation at eSIM reader for officer safety | KTN-iX™ (