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In It Together Transcript

I wanted to progress my career so I went for accreditation with the IET – not because HMGCC required it, but because there was a synergy between achieving accreditation and what they looked for in their senior people.

Well, the actual process was pretty straightforward as I had already achieved most of the competency levels through work anyway. And then, with the support of HMGCC and my mentors, as well as on-site official interviewers, I really felt like we were in it together.

And then, in 2014, IET announced a tie-in with the Chartered Management Institute. But if you’ve been a Chartered Engineer for a while you will have already met those requirements anyway.

It’s designed to train up early career managers, so naturally I was reluctant to start again with training from scratch. But thanks to the management experience I’d already gained, I was able to go through the IET fast track. And so, within two months of applying I had had my interview and been awarded my CMI, all funded and supported by HMGCC. Oh, and what really helped speed up the process was my MBA that I was completing at the time, which was also funded by work.

I wanted to achieve accreditation to boost my professional confidence. And it has certainly done that. And with the membership and interview fees covered as well, there were just no barriers to becoming accredited. In fact, I just wish I’d done it sooner!