Hints & Tips


Interview stage

Security and vetting

Vetting Stage

Drugs Test

Core Competencies

Application stage

Application Process


Initial Screening

2-4 weeks after closing date

Selection Process

4 weeks after closing date

May include these stages. Dependent on role.


(If required)

Complete a personality questionnaire and security documents

Face to face / phone interview HR / Technical / Occupational Psychologist

We'll contact you in writing with our decision on your application

2-4 weeks after interview

Vetting interview & drug test.
Presentation on HMGCC

Candidate Acceptance

Vetting & vetting Decicion

Decision in approximately three months

Contract signing

Induction & start date


You can join us if:

  • You are over the age of 17 years and 6 months (however if you are successful you will not be able to start work prior to your 18th birthday), and
  • You are a British citizen, and
  • One of your parents is a British citizen or holds citizenship/nationality of one of the following: British Dependent Territory, British Overseas Citizen, Commonwealth, British Protected Person, British National Overseas, EEA, USA.
  • You have been a resident in the UK for 7 of the last 10 years (however we will still consider your application if you have lived overseas with your parents, studied abroad or served overseas with HM Forces), and
  • You haven’t applied for the same role within the last 12 months. (You are, however, able to apply for a different role.)

Please note we are unable to accept your application if you are an undischarged bankrupt.

Security vetting

The security vetting process will begin if your initial application is successful and we ask you to come for an interview.

Vetting is so important because we need to be sure that all our people are reliable and trustworthy.

Everyone who works at HMGCC is security cleared to the very highest levels. When you join us you will have completed a comprehensive vetting process that can take between four and six months after you have been given your initial offer. It’s not long when you consider you could end up with a fantastic career for life.

If, after your application, you are asked for interview, you'll need to fill in the security forms. You will receive login details to complete your security forms online. There is a lot of personal information required in these forms so please start completing them as soon as possible to avoid any delays with your application. 

Please bring photographic I.D. with you when you come to any interviews or visits to site.